Monday, May 3, 2010

Wet plus special bonus... Cold!

If I am never again quite as cold and wet as I was on the ride from Amsterdam Zuid station back to Cathleen & Garrett's place, that will be quite fine, thank you.

Easy ride from Lent to Nijmegen station, in just a light drizzle. Rain picked up during train ride, and temperature dropped. Temp was 45F when I left Nijmegen, I'm guessing maybe 42F now in A'dam, and with good solid rain squalls. Ride from the station was quite a treat. I'm taking temperature drop as a sign that a new weather system is moving in, and the rain is moving on! (Watch out, eastern Europe.)

The Dutch must be very hardy. Doesn't seem to faze them. Some use umbrellas, some put up a hood, some... many... don't even bother.


  1. sounds like a body warming medicinal glass of absinthe might be in order. After you get off the bike of course.

  2. . . . and it sounds like my trip in '83. Sure hope it clears when Katie gets there for your restful tour on the river. . . and for my visit in two weeks!