Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanging with Vinnie G on Queen's Day

The weather changed last night. Big storm, and rainy today up until about 4:00, when it suddenly got kind of nice. Ah well, all that sunny warm weather felt kind of strange... this is Holland after all. But with the forecast for next couple of days, I'm going to be damp at best, soaked at worst.

Rode over to the Kroller-Muller musem this morning in the rain, spent a couple hours gradually drying out with Vinnie van G. A big gallery of his paintings... couple dozen... could hardly believe it. Then went into next gallery... a couple dozen more! By my rough count, they had 53 Van Gogh's on display. Who knows how many more in the back room. Lot's of other great stuff, but with that many of his paintings, he stole the show.

Sun came out in later afternoon. Walked into town. Music, food stands, football and volleyball. Needless to say, on Queen's Day both sides wear orange!



  1. Did you manage to sell any luggage ?

  2. No action on the luggage front! But I have Plan B: will try to send several kilos of this stuff back to family in Amsterdam by post tomorrow.

  3. Funny how luggage grows in weight the longer you have to carry it.

    An afternoon with Van Gogh sounds amazing